Adding to the fleet!

The four families owning "Horatio House" at Nelson's Harbour on Antigua are celebrating a major addition to the facilities at their beachfront property. 

After five years, they recently decided that some more "toys" would provide extra holiday fun. They have just added a water-skiing boat and a sailing dinghy to their existing fleet of surfboards and a small inflatable. 

The 6 year old 28 ft. SeaRay sports boat they've bought had been well looked after, and is handily moored in a marina only 5 minutes drive from the house. The Sunfish dinghy can be sailed from the beach and is stored in the garage when no owners are present.

They also decided it was time to replace the old car they had "inherited" from the house's original owner with a 3 year old Subaru SUV,  formerly owned by a friend in the local boat club.

According to Charlie Anderson, the group's current chairman, the members felt that with the total cost - about $68,000 - would be well worth while. They'd evaluated the cost of having their own after several years of regular rental of cars, and occasional hire of boats.

Said Charlie "once we'd looked seriously at the benefit of having our own "fleet", it was a no-brainer - it came down to only $17,000 for each family as a "one-off" payment. We've obviously had to increase our monthly contribution a bit to cover the additional insurance and maintenance, but it had been constant for several years. We've got quite a few teenagers between us now, and they just love having our own boats available".  

And of course, the Searay is ideal for the parents to slip around the cove to the yacht club for that essential sundowner........!

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