Celebrating in style

One of the owning families of the Villa Trentina celebrated a "big birthday" in style last month.

Taking advantage of the "long range planning" clause in their members' agreement, Henry and Giselle had been planning for two years to have family from all over the world join them for their twins 21st birthday.

With a total of 40 guests, obviously everyone couldn't stay at the villa itself, although a dozen close family were able to sleep there. But the two small hotels in Montalcino village were very happy to provide some additional rooms, and another villa was rented to accommodate others.

A particular pleasure was that after  6 years as owner-members of the villa group, Henry and Giselle had become regulars at "La Cantina" restaurant in Montalcino.  Now they are firm friends with the owners, who not only catered dinner on the lawn, but joined the guests for dancing late into the night. 

Henry wrote to OwnerGroups later to say, "if we hadn't joined this group, we'd never have been able to organise a big event like this in such a wonderful setting, and yet still have it feel like being in our own home".

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