Skiers upgrade

Owners of the "Chalet Bellevue" are very happy with their recent storage upgrade, which was coordinated by their OwnerGroups Company syndicate manager.  This has seen the former garage turned into better dedicated storage, with large individual lockers for each family's gear. 

Ski and boot racks are now in the heated space, and there's enough room for a small bench for waxing and sharpening edges in comfort.  Another "little but big" improvement was to redesign the steps to the storage, so that there's less snow and ice build-up in windy conditions.

Jean Dufour, the current chair of the eight-family group, said "thanks to prudent budgeting we were to fund the improvement from reserves which have been built up over the last few years".  Everyone is happy that the monthly dues for the group's operations will remain unchanged, at about £120 per family for their six weeks annual use.

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