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"New purchase" groups

A "new purchase" group is one that's set up to find a property for your specific needs. A "new purchase" DOESN'T mean it's a new (recently built) asset. It can be a historic cottage or a restored chateau.

So whatever your ambition, send in the registration questionnaire, and we'll try to identify other people with a similar dream.  Then we'll put together a statement of exactly what the property should consist of, and draft an agreement of how you will use it together. This will spell out all the essential aspects of cost and time allocation, and how you can leave the group if and when your needs change.

When you're all agreed on these aspects, we'll go and look for suitable properties and give you detailed reports and recommendations. Decide which you want, and we'll carry out the formalities for you to buy it together. You'll be able to use it pretty much as and when you want, in accordance with the agreement, exactly as if you'd bought it on your own.

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