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Yachts and other things

Large yachts  - the most luxurious lifestyle assets imaginable.

But enjoying them usually also involves an enormous amount of money, as well as time and worry about their maintenance and other issues.

In association with Curvelle Yachts, The OwnerGroups Company has developed the first ever shared ownership scheme for large yachts that is designed to optimise benefits for the owners.   This can be used for yachts of all types up to and including super-yachts with large crews.  

Where an individual might contemplate a 50 ft./15m boat, in a syndicate of seven the same investment will acquire a 100ft/30m vessel.  Cabins go from "OK" to "Oh YES!".   And if between you,  you can afford some crew members, your cruising holidays go from self-catering to 5 star.

But group ownership isn't limited  to property and boats. Just about anything that you won't use more than half the time could be acquired at a fraction of the cost.  Aircraft are a classic example of high cost/low utilisation assets that are often owned by syndicates.

And it doesn't have to be for leisure purposes.  A business might need an occasional apartment in a city remote from its office for its staff to work from or meet customers. Rather than renting space or using hotel rooms, a part-owned  apartment would provide permanent storage facilities for documents or equipment. as well as a fixed address. 

Since OwnerGroups isn't in the business of selling anything in particular, there's nothing to be lost by telling us what you'd like, but had never thought possible.  

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