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Do you already own a holiday home?

If so, you know the benefits of having a second home can bring - wonderful holidays with great friends in an area that you know and love. But do any of these sound familiar?

  • "We just can't get out to it as often as we used to.... "
  • "We love it there, but would like to explore other places too..." 
  • "We would like to use it more, but we'd miss the rental income"
  • "We'd love to unlock some of the capital from it..." 
  • "We don't want to sell it but our family needs have changed..." 

Whatever the reason, if you are wrestling with the question 'What should we do about our holiday home?', The OwnerGroups Company may have the solution. We can help you to sell part shares in your property, on your own terms.

We work with you to draw up a viable group scheme in which YOU decide on the main criteria - how many shares there should be, conditions of membership, and so forth. We can then find other members who join you, the founder member, to form a new group. The newly organised group buys the property from you as an individual, and is then run just like other OwnerGroups, with shared usage, responsibility and costs.

For example: You have a property worth €1,600,000. If we were to form a group with three other members, you would

  • get  €1,200,000 cash back,
  • see your annual running costs cut to a quarter of their present level,
  • keep rights to use the house for 3 months of the year, and of course
  • still retain 25% equity value in the property via the group itself.
  • If, after a few years more, you decide that you really can't or don't want to go there any more, your share can be sold, without it being such an upheaval as selling the whole place after many years of sole ownership.

You could then, for example, add the boat you've always wanted for your waterside house. Just as with any other group, the extra resources available from group ownership may enable you to provide those additional facilities which you've always felt your property could use to make it a truly perfect holiday base. A car, a small boat, or other sports equipment, for example, may have been out of reach when you were the only one paying for it, and using it only a few weeks of the year: but sharing with other owners, it becomes much more possible.

So if you already own a property (or boat, or aircraft) and would like to examine the possibility of selling part shares in it, please contact us by completing the form found here. Alternatively you can email us or phone (+44)1628 486350. We'll discuss the specifics of your case and send you details of exactly how this would proceed.

Limitations on what we can do.

OwnerGroups only puts together groups for existing owners who fit the following criteria.

  1. The existing owner(s) want to continue to use the property part time for their their own enjoyment.
  2. The property is a single "unit" to accommodate a family or group of friends and could be sold intact to a single buyer.
  3. The current owners can act as private individuals. It is very acceptable (indeed desirable) that title is held via a company, but this should be a non-trading company that doesn't do any other sort of business. Potential buyers do not want to be involved in other business activities.
  4. The property is effectively complete and does not require major restoration or development. While we may be prepared to advertise such projects on behalf of individuals, the complexity of managing them at a distance is already enormous. Typically they end up needing far more attention, drive and determination than was envisaged at the outset, and we cannot recommend adding the complications of decision-making by committee to that mix!

So if you have a proposal of that kind, we may be able to help you find partners for it, but will do so strictly on the basis of pre-paid advertising on this site, and agreed but limited services on specific subjects.

We do not put together fractional schemes for people who simply want to dispose of a property completely as they do not fit under 1 above.  Generally selling outright will be easier than selling shares, and we recommend you do so rather than try to set up your own fractional scheme. If you really want to try to do so we may be able to help you as part of our consultancy services.

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