Fractional and Timeshare developments

For the individual client, fractional ownership (but not timeshare) might have some of the lower capital cost of a small private syndicate. But fractional or timeshare schemes don't benefit the local community so much.

Usually these schemes are run by large profit-motivated corporations. A big resort development may have a major impact on the local environment, not necessarily for the better.

It may tend to monopolise scarce resources such as water for golf courses, or caused diversion of infrastructure funding for roads etc. Construction may create jobs initially, but often the major beneficiaries are large organisations not local contractors.

After the "owners" arrive at such developments, they are encouraged or even required to use the facilities within the resort, rather than independent local suppliers. Any jobs created for local people tend to be low paid menial ones.

Overall, owners in such schemes usually do not integrate at all into the community, and contribute relatively little to the local economy - far less even than an individual property owner coming for only a few weeks a year.  

Members of a small private group pay a fractional cost, but actually multiply the benefits to the local community. They contribute to it and behave just as sole property owners would, but because there are several of them, the collective benefit is far greater. Overall, private group ownership is far "greener" than a commercial fractional or timeshare scheme.   

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