Limited risk

A holiday home is a major investment for anyone. We know you will want to be extremely careful about exactly what you are getting into, and with a new concept that involves strangers you've been introduced to over the Internet your caution level should to go sky-high!  

We recognise this, so we work on the basis of a strictly limited commitments which protect your financial position throughout. Our step-by-step process ensures that at each stage YOU decide whether you want to continue. It guarantees that you do not have a major financial commitment until you are satisfied with every aspect of the purchase.

Trust & Confidence

The biggest question most people have revolves around this question: when large amounts of money are involved, how can everyone's interests be protected in a group of strangers? It’s vital that the members of a group are confident about co-operating with each other.  The OwnerGroups Company ensures this in two ways.

Firstly, we tailor your group's agreement to your particular needs before you are committed to joining a group. It spells out clearly and comprehensively the conditions under which everyone joins and no two groups have identical agreements.  

Secondly, wherever possible, we arrange for the group members to meet each other before committing themselves to full membership of the group. In effect, each group is like a small, private club - in fact, many groups end up calling themselves clubs.

This is achieved by our step-by-step process, that allows you to build up confidence that it's not all "too good to be true".

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