Sharing problems solved

Maybe you think some sort of shared ownership could work, but.... 

None of the places available appeal to me You can choose any type of property, anywhere in the world
I might want to be able to add facilities, like have a car or a boat there.  You can, alone or with your partners
I want to plan for myself when I go, not be dictated to by an arbitrary system You have pretty close to 100% freedom to choose
I want to be able to go at short notice - next weekend for example You can always see who's there, and if no-one else is using it, it's yours
I don't like being one of a huge number of owners The groups can be as small as you like. It's unlikely to be more than 8. 
I won't know anything about the other owners There won't be many of them, and you will know about before you commit to buying
I don't trust the management to have my best interests at heart You control the management - OwnerGroups just administers them for you.
I want to have more say over the maintenance budget and annual costs Owners have complete control of it
While I don't mind sharing ownership, I want to have all my own stuff there so I can travel very light. You have really substantial secure private storage 
I want to be certain I can sell, when I want, for the proper value This is built into the agreement

If one or more of the things that has really been bothering you is on the list, then joining an OwnerGroup is probably your best solution! For other common questions, go to our Frequently Asked Questions page. 

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