"New buying group" formation

The OwnerGroups private syndicate concept

Our basic service is to bring together like-minded people, to help them decide exactly what they want to own and how it will be run. We help you draw up a specification for what you can collectively afford, and then find and acquire it.

These are "new buying" groups because we will be searching the entire range of assets available on the open market, with the group making a choice before going through the full process of buying the property. It does not mean they are only formed to be newly built properties.    

The group forms a syndicate which reaches a legally binding agreement.  When a suitable asset - house or whatever has been agreed, a suitable legal entity such as a company is formed, in which case the syndicate members are the controlling shareholders. The company acquires the property for the shareholders to enjoy.

When members want to leave the group, the share can be transferred to a new owner at market rate.

OwnerGroups will provide all the group's administration by mutual agreement, but OwnerGroups never has any control of or financial interest in the group's assets.            

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