Resale of shares

Want to sell a share in something you already own? If you are part of a group that owns something (property, boat etc.) we may be able to find a buyer for your share. We say "may" because unfortunately many private syndicates have been set up without sufficient attention being paid to exit procedures.

Often set up by solicitors on behalf of group of friends or relatives, they have relied on personal relations for many aspects of the sharing of use and costs. Unfortunately, any new member joining such a group will want the existing members to formalise suitable arrangements before a sale can take place.

OwnerGroups can advise on this - see our Consultancy page.

Please note that we will only handle two types of shares on this basis. These are

  • shares in existing private syndicates, and
  • shares in fractional ownership schemes where the share holds title to usage of a specific individual property.  

We do NOT handle

  • fractional shares with general title to usage an unspecified unit from a number of actual properties. So not for example, resort developments with general title to part of the overall facility.
  • timeshares of any type.

If the share is suitable, we can

  • see if there is already someone in our database of potential group members who wants a share in something like your group.
  • advertise it here on our website. Take a look at our "Available Now" pages for one or two examples of how this works.
  • we can arrange for specific external advertising of the share in the most likely places to find a buyer.

Our charges for this are very simple: 2.5% of the sale price. Any external advertising we arrange for you is at your expense although we will make the arrangements and provide the copy etc.

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