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Here you can tell us what you'd really like to own. 

There are questionnaires for second homes, boats, aircraft and "anything else".  

You can look through the questionnaires at any time, but to submit the form to us you' ll need to register with us and pay a nominal fee, which is refundable.

Why do we charge a fee for submitting the questionnaire? 

It's very simple: it's to discourage time-wasters. Time-waster love to fill in forms like these but don't have any intention of actually doing anything. Also, scammers use automated software to try to access data. 

When we find other questionnaires that match yours, we'll get in touch with everyone concerned to see if you want to discuss taking it further. If it turns out that one or more is not serious, everyone is disappointed. However, time wasters are not going to pay anything to do it. So a small refundable deposit keeps them away and improves the chances of your success. 

Select what you're interested in here. 

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  • Yacht or Boat
  • Aircraft
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